25 Easy Origami Christmas Tree List To Make Your Home Look Amazing

25 Origami Christmas Tree List To Make Your Home Look Amazing

With Christmas just around the corner (well, a bit further away, but it’s better to start earlier than later) I prepared for you this amazing easy to follow set of lists, so you won’t lose yourself to the internet.

After all, what better way to spread your love than some DIY Christmas decorations? I’m sure the person you are going to give it to, will appreciate it a lot, knowing you took your time to make something special for him or her.

I will start with paper Christmas trees that you can either hang in your real tree or maybe make as presents to your loved ones or simply admire. You can also make a really big one and put the Christmas presents under or on/in it.

Without further chit chat here it is:

25 Origami Christmas Tree List

01: Tree Created by origamispirit.com

This Christmas Tree has a beautiful shape, you can decorate it will small candy or even folded small stars.

You will need eight modules without the star to create this tree. The model might look a bit intimidating, but the tutorial is quite easy to follow.

02: Simple Paper Trees

You can see how to fold this easy tree by following the video above.

It’s a simple model you can make with your kids, and it will look so nice in the house.

I used it to decorate my window one year.

03: Holiday Arbor Created by Mr. Nobuyoshi Enomoto

A more complex model. You will need 5 pieces of 13 cm by 13 cm paper, 4 pieces of 10 cm by 10 cm paper, 4 pieces of  7cm by 7 cm.

The tutorial will let you know exactly what to do, and how to assemble it and the final model looks really interesting, especially if you use different shades of greens.

04: Quick and Easy Trees Folded by Origami Plus – Easy Tutorials

For this model, you will need at least 3 pieces of square paper. In the image above the model has 5.

It’s really easy and quick. You can even fold it with your kids. 

05: 3D Pine Folded by AresMares by Gewre

I like how this tree looks like. It has spaces for you to put tiny little presents, or maybe some tiny candy. 

It’s made of 4 square units, 3 for the branches and one for the trunk.

06: Arbour Created by Jo Nakashima

A more complex model, but will definitely impress every guest you will have at your house.

07: Easy Paper Tree – Tutorial Created By Henry Phạm

Another simple one, made from only one piece of square paper.

08: Tree-shaped Box Created by Origami Spirit

You can use this box as a party favor. Your quests will be impressed.

09: How to Make an Origami Christmas Tree folded by HobbyCraft

Just look how simple and fun this model is. You can fold it with your kids and let them go crazy decorating it.

10: Origami Spruce Created by Paper Kawaii

Another model in which you can hide small gifts or candy.

This is a more complex one. You will need one piece of paper of 20 by 20 cm, one piece of paper of 15 by 15 cm and two pieces of paper of 10 by 10 cm.

11: Flat Spruce Folded by Mindy.hu

A flat Christmas tree, perfect to use on a holiday card.

The model is very easy to fold, so your kids can do it too.

12: Paper Evergreens Created by Martha Stewart

Just look how beautiful this model is.

13: Spruce Created by Jenny W Chan

This model might look complex, but once you folded one module, you will see it’s not that hard.

14: How-To: Geometric Paper Tree Folded by Haley Pierson-Cox

Such a fun one. You can use it as your Christmas tree for your pets or for yourself.

15: How to Fold a Christmas Money Tree Folded by M.E. Gray

Just another simple one, with stunning pictures to teach you how to fold it.

16: 3D Origami fir Created by Татьяна Проснякова

This model takes some time to make it. It’s not hard to make, but you do need patience.

17: Origami Christmas Tree Created by Francesco Guarnieri

You will need 2 sheets of paper of 15 by 15 cm, one sheet of paper of 12 by 12 cm, one sheet of paper of 9.5 by 9.5 cm, and the last one of 7.5 by 7.5 cm.

18: Holidays Pine Created by Yoshihide Momotani

A more complex one, but the result is just stunning.

19: Fir Tree with Snow folded by Origami Plus – Easy Tutorials

You will need double-sided paper for this one. One side white and one side green.

You will need a sheet of paper of 15 cm, one of 11.5 cm, and one of 7.5 cm.

20: 3D Spruce Created by Ankhang Handmade

I think this one is amazing. I would love to have it as a tabletop decoration.

21: Paper Corner Bookmarks Created by Andreja Vucajnk

What better way to show your appreciation of your friends who love to read than a handmade Christmas bookmark.

22: Diy Paper Trees Created by Emma

A nice easy model to make your house more festive.

23: Accordion Paper Spruce Created by Minted

Such a simple model to make and enjoy in the holidays.

24: Easy Christmas arbor Created by Paper Kawaii

Another easy model that you can fold with your little ones.

25: Tree Folded by Wilma Strabello

For this model, you will need, one sheet of paper of 18 cm, one of 16 cm, one of 12 cm, one of 10 cm, and two of 8 cm.

Do you like this Origami Christmas Tree list? Would you like to fold some and have them in your house this holiday?

If you want to see more Christmas origami models, please check out those other articles that I have on the same subject.

DIY 25 Origami Christmas Tree

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