Folding Paper Snowflakes For My Christmas Decorations (1)

Folding Paper Snowflakes For My Christmas Decorations

Snow crystal

Folding Paper Snowflakes

In order to fold those amazing looking 3d Origami Snowflakes, you will have to prepare 6 pieces of square papers.

The modules are not hard to fold, there are 17 steps to fold, and then you will start assembling each module one by one.

We have a glass wall that separates our bedroom from the rest of the house, and that’s the place I  wanted for those paper snowflakes.

After folding all the modules and glueing them together, I added a piece of string and then tape the string to the frame in order to have the snowflakes in the right places.

Below you can see how beautiful they looked in the house. The photos were a bit hard to take in order to show just how Christmassy they looked in reality.

And in the last photo I will share of those nice looking paper snowflakes is you can see our cat, Theia as well as our Christmas tree. Living in a small apartment means having a small Christmas tree but I love it anyway.

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