Origami 365 Days Challenge 2023 – February [32-59]

Origami 365 Days Challenge 2023 – February [32-59]

Origami is a fascinating and intricate art form that requires precision, patience, and creativity.

For many enthusiasts, the idea of folding a piece of paper into a beautiful, three-dimensional shape is both challenging and rewarding.

I am taking on this ambitious challenge to fold a different origami creation every day for a year, for the second time. See the first try here, and the first month of this second try, here.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the progress throughout the second month of the challenge – February.

We’ll explore the variety of designs I chose to fold this month. As always, I will let you know the name of the model, who designed it, and of course where you can find the diagram so you could fold it too.

So sit back, grab some paper, and join us on this origami-filled journey through the month of February!

February: from 32 to 59 days of origami progress

As I reflect on my progress in the origami 365 days challenge, I’m thrilled to showcase the models I folded this month.

It’s my hope that by sharing these creations with you, you’ll be inspired to embark on your own origami journey.

So without further ado, please enjoy this presentation of the models I folded during the second month of the challenge!

Let’s delve into the details of each model, including the name of the model, its designer, the paper I used, its size, and where you can find the diagram or tutorial.

Additionally, I would like to mention that I have a Scribd subscription to access origami books, and if I mention any books, I will share my Scribd invite link.

This means that if you decide to sign up for a Scribd subscription, you will receive 60 days of free reading time when you join, and for every person who joins, I will receive 30 days of free reading time.

I want to be transparent about this, but please note that you are not obligated to join or do anything you don’t want to.

Day 32 - Imperial Rose Sonobe Kusudama

Day 33 - Racoon

Day 34 - Dog

Day 35 - Miharugoma (wooden horse which is a folk toy in Fukushima prefecture)

Day 36 - Modular Rose

Day 39 - Origami kite

Day 40 - Morning Glory

Day 41 -Simple Crane

Day 42 -Simple Frog

Day 43 -Tulip

Ever since I once saw an origami flower wreath, that looks like tulips, I wanted to try one myself…I did try to do the flower before… but never tried to really finish the wreath.

The flower, which is a bit bulkier is made after a YouTube tutorial for paper tulips made by Crafts with paper.

For the one which is a bit thinner, I changed the last steps from the tutorial…I’m not sure which I like more.

The thinner one I would say looks closer to the wreath I saw on Pinterest.

As for the leaves, they are made after: “Narrow Leaf Selection: © B. Domangue 2020 Leaf Piece Origami | leafpiece.wordpress.com“.

Day 46 -Chibi monster

Day 47 -French bulldog box

Day 48 - Layered Star

Day 49 - Butterfly Bookmark

Watched the 250th episode of my favorite TV show @bobsburgersfox and Gene went to origami club and made a crane…so I tried to fold one just like him.

I think I did pretty good 😊 and it also helped me with my origami 365 days challenge.

Day 52 - Dancing bear

Day 54 - Crane

Day 55 - Lotus

Day 56 - Piggy bank

Day 57 - Toy

Day 58 - Mushroom

Day 59 - Tulip

Tools I used when creating this origami 365 days challenge 2023 article:


The photos have been taken with my phone, I have them saved in Google Photos, then I added them to Canva to make them square and used some filters to make them pop a bit, as some of them are a bit dark and not that well exposed.


I use Squirrly SEO for all my SEO needs for my site.


I use Ezoic to add ads to my site and try to monetize it a bit.

Text and Apperances

I use Elementor to create my layout for my articles. I use ChatGPT to help me create part of the text (intro and when I mention the holidays that I wrote down to make the models for)

Where can you see my progress daily?

I post everyday on Instagram. There is where I decided to track this challenge daily.

Cristina Coroiu
I'm a proud Hufflepuff who loves to fold origami models and share them with the world.

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