Paper Finger Cuts

Follow my journey into the art of origami. You can find your next favorite model to fold or maybe a new project to try on.

I’m trying to inspire others to fold more and try new models. I will always try to mention the author and the book or site where you can find the instruction to fold the model I folded so you can too.

Find Your Next Origami Model To Fold

origami unicorn

Origami Animals

Some of these origami animals are easier to fold than others. Browse through them, find one you like, and start haveing fun folding! 

Origami Flowers

Origami flowers are really beautiful. They also make great gifts for multiple occasions.

Unicorn Kusudama designed by Sansanee Termtanasombat [PrwOrigami]

Origami Kusudama

Kusudamas are great as decorations. You can use them in your Christmas tree or just on your table.

Origami Holidays

Find models to fold for the next big holiday, or just for a fun one.

hearts and flowers origami paper

Origami Paper Review

Read my opinions about these paper packs and see what models I folded with them.

Origami Challenge

We all like a challenge from now and then. I tried the 365 days origami challenge. Take a look at the models I folded and how it went.

Business Corner

Trying to take Gary Vee’s Advice and document my progress and process.

If you are curious, take a look. Hopefully, you will find something useful there.

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