origami xmas wreath

How I Created My Origami Xmas Wreath

Every year I like to decorate the apartment. Part of the decorations is also hanging an origami wreath ornament on the entrance door. 

In 2019 I made this wreath:

origami christmas wreath

And in 2021 was the one I’m writing this article about.

As you can probably tell is pretty similar with the one I made in 2019. That’s because I used the same model for the leaves. 

In 2019 I wanted to make something similar but could not figure out how to give more volume to the wreath, so I just let it be in one layer of leaves. Still really cute.

So let’s start with the models I used for this Origami Xmas Wreath.

origami xmas wreath

There are only two. The leaves and the kusudama in the center.

The photo you are seeing in the left is the one I made in 2019 but is the same model, so you get the point. 

Model: Olive Leaf /Willow Leaf (v1)

Tutorial: Video made by Frendy

The photo in the left is from an old article, but is the same model, so once again, you get the point.

Name: Omega Star Kusudama
Type: Modular, Kusudama
Designer: Philip Shen
Units: 6
Assembled with: No glue
Video: Video made by Jo Nakashima

So those two are my choices for this modular origami wreath.

Now, let’s start folding, shall we?

We are starting by choosing the paper. I could not tell you exactly what paper I used as I choose many shades of green that I could find. But most of them are for Tuttle Publishing.

As you can see in the photos below, I like to work in stages when I’m folding the same model multiple times.

After choosing and cutting the paper, I started to fold them until the crane base.

After I got all of them to that base, I started folding the model until the end and ended up with lots of leaves.

I just love how the shades and patters look like. I think the leaves turned out pretty good, and they will look amazing as an origami Xmas wreath.

After having all the leaves, I made a ring out of a couple of wires that were pretty circular, I wrapped them in floral tape and then heated my hot glue gun.

I decided to glue each leaf on the ring on order to have more volume. Sometimes I will make clusters of 3 leaves and then glue them like that. 

Having a combination of clusters and single leaves gave me more control on how the origami Xmas wreath will turn out.

The kusudama I added only add the end. The paper I used for it was bought from Auchan and I think it was their brand.

As you can see in the photo, I just used one string to hang the Omega Star and then I used a red ribbon to be able to hang the wreath.

And this was it. It’s a pretty simple one. Is only two models, but I did had to fold lots and lots of leaves.

origami xmas wreath

Origami XMAS Wreath - In Pictures

If you want to see what else I used in decoration my house for Christmas, you can always take a look here.

I basically like to have my big windows, my main glass wall and the door decorated with ornaments created by me.

Of course we have a cute Christmas tree and lights every year as well. 

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