What Have I been Up To

What Have I been Up To?

It seems that the last time I wrote about what I’m doing for my site was at the beginning of March.

So first take a look at analytics:

Google Analytics:

Mar 7, 2021 – Oct 8, 2021

Now let’s see the same period of time compared with the previous year.

The traffic is quite similar to the previous year.

Google Search Console

Mar 7, 2021 – Oct 8, 2021

Now let’s compare the from July to October 2020 vs July to October 2021 as I can’t go so far back in time as March in Google Search Console.

SERP by Squirrly

What I am focusing on right now?

Right now I am focusing on a series of Christmas articles as I know I can get some nice seasonal traffic on my blog.

So far I have two articles from 2018, one about origami Christmas trees and one about Christmas ornaments. One article from 2019 about my Christmas wreath from that year. And I made two new ones this year, one about window decorations and about a paper Christmas wreath.

I also got into the Ezoic Monetization program. I am still waiting for Ad Manager Domain Status to be completed before I can really use their program, but I got accepted by them and passed the test as well.

I found out about them from Growth Scouter. It has a great youtube channel in wich he explains how he is working on his sites and how he turned those sites to make money.

So hopefully I will work more on my site now that I will have to possibility of making money from ads.

I will keep you posted on how it goes. Like check out this Easter Models Article.

How am I choosing the topic for my articles?

The smart thing to do will be to do some keyword research, find some low competition keywords and then search for models and create the articles. This would be the smart way to do it.

But because I like to scroll on Instagram I do tend to find there some models that I really like and want to fold and that’s how I choose the topic.

I will do it the smart way as well, but I have 3 flowers that I want to make articles for before.

What I do want to mention, is that even if I am not choosing the topic according to keyword research results, I am doing keyword research to find out what keywords to target for the best result for the topic I chose.

How do I work on my articles?

The first step for me is finding something that I really want to try on Instagram or Pinterest.

Then I fold the models on a normal piece of paper to see how it turns out. If I like the model in real life (sometimes the models look better in photos) I then choose the paper that I want to model to be made out of. 

I make photos of the model, I process them a bit in Lightroom as I am shooting them RAW. Sometimes I use only my phone and then I will not process the photos. Lately, I decided I want to try video as well, and I am recording with my phone and edit the videos in Camtasia. I think video tutorials can help increase time on page, which is an SEO metric.

And then the hard part starts.

I do keyword research, I choose at least 3 keywords for one article, a primary one, and two secondaries, and I start creating the article. I like to use Elementor editor for this part.

I try to write as many words as I can (struggling to get to 1500 words), add the photos in the spots that I think work best, create a featured image as well as a pin image.

I write my snippet with the help of Squirrly SEO as well as my open graph and Twitter card and then push the publish button.

I am also thinking if I can add an inner link to the article I just wrote from a different article. For a series, I usually mention all the articles at the end, as they are closely related to each other.

I then add the article to my Focus Pages in Squirrly SEO (if I am working on a series, I like to have all or at least as many as I can of that series in the focus pages so I can work on more in the same time) and add the page to the Audit feature of Squirrly SEO as well.

Then I add the page to the Google Search Console so it can be indexed and send the keywords I used to the SERP Rankings in Squirrly SEO.

Then I like to pin the photos that I have in the article on Pinterest and also sent the article to Squirrly Social so that it will post it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for me.

I will also have to try to post the articles on Facebook groups and Reddit as I know I can get some nice traffic from there as well. (this is something I don’t always do, but I should included in my process)

After all of this, I start working on the tasks I get in Focus Pages from Squirrly.

How does my focus pages look right now?

I decided to show this part as well, as it will be interesting to see how it will improve as I am working on the pages. You can see that the last one I worked on has the lowest score and that I still have to work on it.

What I find interesting is that I have an older one with a not-so-good score as well. I will have to focus on that one as well. 

I have one focus page that really took of and it’s bringing me good traffic and social signals and the rest are not quite there yet.

I hope this year to make them get closer to that goal.

I think if I will start doing the keyword research first, and find some great keywords and then create content, and combining that with inner linking and social shares I can make some other great pages that will take off in no time.

The one that you see it’s doing so good, it’s from 2018, so it’s been 3 years and it’s going strong, better every year.

I think this is it for this article. I am still using my Squirrly’s affiliate links when I’m talking about them, if you decide to try their products, if you go through my affiliate link, it will not cost you anything in plus, I will just make a small commission out of the sum of the product.

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