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My Forth Month of One Year Origami Challenge

Update: See the new edition: Origami 365 Days Challenge 2023

I was looking over my Instagram account and remember that I used to try to make this challenge last year.

I did gave up in the end…but now I decided to go back from where I left it. 

So in the end I do want to have those 12 months of origami challenge or better say those 365 models.

As a front disclaimer, the models have not been made everyday…so I fail in this aspect of the challenge and now is 28.06.2020 so it’s been some time.

Also over the winter I lost most of my origami models due to poor air circulation in the house and improper storage choice.

The models that you will see in this article are folded between 27.10.2019 and 27.03.2020.

If you want to see how I did in the previous months, you can click the buttons bellow:

Day 91 of 365 Sloth Designed by Anita Barbour

origami challenge

I’m not very happy with how this model or photo turned out…but that’s that.

Day 92 of 365 Kitten Designed by Gen Hagiwara

The diagram for this model can be found in the book Spirits of Origami by Hagiwara Gen. 

Day 93 of 365 Pumpkin by Jo Nakashima

This is a great model. It looks so beautiful and resemble so well a pumpkin.

I’m really happy with this model.

Day 94 of 365 Origami Leafs

I don’t know who the designer is, but I followed a YouTube tutorial on how to make them. If somebody knows the designer please let me know, as I would love to give credit where credit is due.

Day 95 of 365 Origami Olive Leaf

Another model where I don’t know who the author is. If you do, please let me know.

I folded those leafs for a Christmas Project  and search for leaves models on Pinterest and YouTube.

Day 96 of 365 Willow Leaf, designed by Fendy Tong

This is a variation of the previous leaf.

Day 97 of 365 Modular Icosahedrons designed by Tomoko Fuse

The diagram for this model can be found in the book Unit Origami Essence by Tomoko Fuse.

Day 98 of 365 Diamond Ornament

This is a really simple ornament to make and it looks really nice.

Day 99 of 365 Diamond Ornament ver. 2

This is a bit difficult to assemble. More like it’s hard to glue the edges perfectly and have every corner where it’s supposed to be.

Day 100 of 365 Christmas Trees

A simple model to make. I love to fold this every Christmas season.

Day 101 of 365 Rafaelita Kusudama designed by Lukasheva Ekaterina

This became my favorite kusudama model. I still have it on my desk and it’s still in a really good shape. Even if the cat throw it on the floor a lot.

If you want to see this model made from lots of different papers you can check out Jacinta Oxford Instagram Account. She is an expert in this model.

Day 102 of 365 Florentia Kusudama designed by Natalia Romanenko

This is a more complex kusudama that shines when you use two different papers. 

Day 103 of 365 Omega Star designed by Philip Shen⠀

A simple but the effect model. I folded this before, If you want to see how it looks with a different paper choice.

Day 104 of 365 5 pointed stars

They look cute and work amazing as ornaments or fridge magnets.

Day 105 of 365 Origami Roses by Naomiki Sato

You can find the diagram for this one in the book Origami Roses and Flowers by Naomiki Sato.

This is the first model of 2020.

Day 106 of 365 Second Rose by Naomiki Sato

You can find the diagram for this one in the book Origami Roses and Flowers by Naomiki Sato.

Day 107 of 365 Third Rose by Naomiki Sato

You can find the diagram for this one in the book Origami Roses and Flowers by Naomiki Sato.

Day 108 of 365. Hedgehog designed by Javier Dominguez Perez

I made this model for the Hedgehog Day that is celebrated on February 2nd.

Day 109 of 362 Bunny Basket designed by Jacky Chan

In this “month” of origami challenge we are having both Christmas and Easter models.

Day 110 of 362 Egg Holder designed by Martha Stewart

We are now in the process of making the Easter origami models for table decoration.

Day 111 of 365. Chicken Egg Cup designed by Peter Stein

This is one of the models that I just fall in love with. Just look how adorable it is.

Day 112 of 365 Panda Bear designed by Makoto Yamaguchi

This was made for the National Panda Day witch it’s celebrated every year on March 16. 

Day 113 of 365 Giant Panda Designed by Anita Barbour

Just another panda bear.

Day 114 of 365 Panda designed by Akira Yoshizawa

And the last panda model for this origami challenge.

Day 115 of Easter chick baskets Designed by Simon Andersen

Another great way to display your egg on Easter holidays.

Day 116 of 365 Easter bunny egg holder

Another model for which I don’t know the author. If you do, please let me know.

I do believe that this is a traditional model though.

Day 117 of 365 Bunny Rabbit Designed by Yen Yonami

We are now getting to the last models, and those are some rabbits ones.

Day 118 of 365 Bunny Designed by Jun Maekawa

This one is a truly adorable one.

Day 119 of 365 Dollar Bill Hare designed by Barth Dunkan

Here I went with a paper a bit too small but it still turned out great.

Day 120 of 365 Rabbit designed by Seth Friedman

And the last model for the fourth month of origami challenge, or better say for the models 91 to 120, we have this clean, stylized rabbit one.

So this was my third month of 365 origami challenge.​

As you can see I am not doing this challenge in the correct way, but I am still trying to finish it.

Cristina Coroiu
I'm a proud Hufflepuff who loves to fold origami models and share them with the world.

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