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Celebrating Panda Day With Those Cute Origami Panda Models

The National Panda Day it’s celebrated every year on March 16. 

origami panda

Origami Panda Bear

Panda bear is a bear native to south central China.  They are cute large, black and white fluffy animals. The black patches are around his eyes, ears and across it’s body. 

They are part of the Ursidae family, as well as the Carnivora Order, witch means they share a lot in common with dogs. 

Their favorite foods are bamboo shoots and leaves. But sometimes in the wild they also eat meat, like birds, rodents or carrion.

Panda day was created to help spread the word about the deforestation that is leading to the destruction of their habitats and placed them on the endangered animals list.

They are sensitive creatures, and need our help with controlling the predators in their area and protecting their habitat. 

Giant Panda

How to Celebrate This Day?

Well… I celebrated this day by folding 3 origami panda models that I am showing you in this article.

You can find the tutorial for each model by clicking on the text ” Click Here for Tutorial” next to each image.

Other ways to celebrate this day will be go to a local zoo and admire them and get some themed souvenirs. You can also donate to Panda focused organizations.


Cristina Coroiu
I'm a proud Hufflepuff who loves to fold origami models and share them with the world.

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