dinosaur day

Celebrating Dinosaur Day with Lots of Origami Dinosaurs

Today is Dinosaur Day

I like to check out what funny days are celebrated from time to time. I usually use the daysoftheyear.com site to get my information.

In order to celebrate this funny holiday, I wanted to fold the Origami T-REX designed by Kade Chan. He has a tutorial for this dino on his YouTube channel.

origami t rex

The tutorial is easy to follow. I used a 35 by 35 cm piece of packaging paper. On his site I saw that he used a 55 by 55 cm. You can see his article here. 

This was my first try for this model. I’m not very happy with my result, and I do not have a better paper on bigger size in the house. 

The model (I folded) looks way better in the photo than in reality, in my opinion at least. 

After I did this dino, I decided to try to fold even more, in order to celebrate this dinosaur day, especially that I remembered that I already folded one when I made the review for the Origami Paper Cherry Blossoms by Tuttle Publishing. 

The model above is the one that I have already folded. Is Tapejara or Pterodactyl is designed by Sakurai Ryosuke and you can find the tutorial on Saku B Origami YouTube Channel.

Origami Apatosaurus

Origami Apatosaurus

I wrote tutorial by and not designed by, because I’m not sure if he is the one who designed the model or not. And I do have to admit that I did not search for it. As he has a playlist with lots of amazing looking dinos.

The tutorials are great. Easy to follow, and the results are so cute. Just perfect for this dinosaur day.

Origami Triceratops

If you know for sure who designed this model you can let me know and I will change from tutorial to designed by. I will probably have to do a bit of research and find out myself.

This is one of my favorite dinosaur. And the paper works so great for this model. It makes it look so cute.

Origami Triceratops
Origami Parasaurolophus

Origami Parasaurolophus

I have to admit that I kind of fell in love with this model. It’s so simple to fold and it’s just great for this year dinosaur day.

Origami Velociraptor

Ok, ok, I admit that I did not shaped the legs. I just like him like this and I did not wanted to make him look wrinkling. (as that happened with my T-rex)

Origami Stegosaurus

Origami Stegosaurus

This is my least favorite of the models that I folded for this funny holiday.

Origami Spinosaurus

This is another dino that just looks so sharp and cute.

dinosaur day

Above you can see almost all the models that I folded for this dinosaur day. 

There is the model that I already had and the T-rex is missing.

I know I haven’t given any details about this funny holiday, so if you are curious please check the following link.

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