Documenting my Blogging Journey

Week 2 of Documenting my Blogging Journey – 30 Days Blogging Experiment

Day 8

[07.02.2021] I did not work on my site or shared anything on this day.

Day 9

[08.02.2021] [about 2 hours] 

On website:

I published the first week experience.

On Social Media:

I have to come up with a plan to share on social media more consistently.

I will try to use Squirrly Social for this and the Library of Marketing Ideas from the Affiliate platform.

I decided that I will start with 1 post a day, everyday, and only on Twitter and eventually get to maybe 3 posts a day.

Day 10

[09.02.2021] I did not work on my site or shared anything on this day.

Day 11

[10.02.2021] [about 2 hours] 

On website:

I want to publish one Valentine’s article today. So I start by making the research.

Besides the keyword ideas that I wrote down last week when I look for ideas and models, I will also research the keywords GSC is telling me my last valentine’s article is showing up.

I open a new tab with the keyword research feature from Squirrly to search for each one of those and see if any of them is a good idea.

Just so you get an idea for how many keywords I searched for:

And those are the ones that I saved:

On Social Media:

I just used posts from the Library of Marketing Ideas that you can access in the Affiliate platform.

I admit, that for my audience it does not makes that much sense, but I am lazy. 

I would be better if I shared success that I had with the plugin, how it improved my website, stuff like that.

Squirrly Affiliate Platform:

documenting my blogging journey

Day 12, 13, 14

[11.02.2021] [12.02.2021] [13.02.2021] I haven’t done anything. The time just flew by, and I just did not finish any of my Valentine’s day article plans. I am now thinking if I should continue them and published them in the past, or just let them for the next year.

Overview of documenting my blogging journey, week 2

How many hours?

About 4 hours

Any increase in traffic? [Google Analytics]

There is a bit of improvement.

You can see a huge improvement compared with the previous year.

Any increase in clicks? [Google Search Console]

Just a little bit of improvement.

My website gets more traffic every year. This is because of SEO and evergreen articles.

How many keywords on the first page of Google? [SERP by Squirrly]

48 instead of 39 as I had before. 

Total traffic in the affiliate program?

This screen shot is made today [15.02.2021].

So that’s it for week two. I haven’t done much, but I still got some traffic both on my website and on the affiliate platform.

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