_Documenting my Blogging Experience

Week 1 of Documenting my Blogging Experience – 30 Days Blogging Experiment

First 3 days of week one:

In day one, I only wrote the introduction for this experiment.

Day 2 and 3 were lazy days as I did not do anything.

Day 4

[02.02.2021][about 2 hours and a half]

I paid a bit more attention to the Squirrly Affiliate Platform and saw how many resources they actually offer.

The first row of big buttons, teach how to use the platform [Start Now], it offers you free materials you can use to promote the products [Media Folder], it offers you ideas and pre-made social media posts [Library of Marketing Ideas] and the last one it’s explaining and showing you how much money you could make [Your Earning Potential].

A bit lower on the screen, you will see those cute boxes. If you click on them you will be directed to a pdf specific to that product. You will have again, lots of ideas to help you get started with their program and have success with it.

On Social Media:

Because my site is about origami, I decided to share a bit more about my site, and the cool stuff I see from Squirrly on my site, than the pre-made posts. But I will use some of the pre-made as well, as there is less work on my part if I do this.

So the first post I shared is this one:

This is the post I made on Twitter.

It’s about the amazing email you get from the Squirrly SEO Audit feature, where it shows you how your site has improved or not. Mine did, so it was a really happy mail.

Squirrly retweed my post 💖

On website:

I added the affiliate link in the footer section.

I still have to work on the footer, as I am not very happy with how it looks. It’s too big and weird. But I think it’s a great opportunity to share your affiliate link.

documenting my blogging experience

I also added my affiliate link at the end of the article.

After I published my article, I went to Google Search Console and request indexing. Then I added the page as my Focus Page and also add the keywords I used to the SERP Checker feature from Squirrly.

The article was also shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Day 4 at 5:11 PM after almost 10 hours since I posted on Twitter and about 7 hours since I published the article.

Day 5

[03.02.2021][about 1 hour]

On website:

I started by looking at my focus pages and see what I can do for the ones that are not in my top 10.

I saw that one of them needed some inner links, and I know I can link her in other articles that make sense to be there.

I also shared some of the articles on Mix and Pinterest.

Below you can see how the article that I posted yesterday looks like.

Really bad. 

There are multiple explanations for this, and the first is the really bad keyword I choose. It has 0 searches.

So you might ask yourself, why would you choose that keyword if nobody is searching for it?

Well because I did not have a better idea for a keyword, and also it’s mostly images and few words. And because this article is more to help others grow. It’s made mostly for inner linking and for social media signals. As you can see I already got a few.

That does not mean that I will not try to improve it. I will think at other keywords and most likely change the main one in a few days with a better one.

On Social Media:

I really like all the cute stars I have for my focus pages. So I will share a post about that on Twitter.

And of course, the link is my affiliate link.

I also scheduled a tweet to be sent at night. Again, with my affiliate link.

Day 6

[04.02.2021][about 1 hour]

On website:

I started by changing the keyword to the Kusudama Floret designed by Natalia Romanenko article. You remember that I choose a poorly one before. Well, I decided to go with a different one that does have between 10-100 search volume. Still low, but better than 0.

I also published a new article. A really short one. And use my affiliate link at the end of it. 

I will ask Google to index it and add the keywords to Squirrly SERP Checker feature.

I will share the article on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Mix.

Squirrly Affiliate Platform:

I did not get a lot of traffic yesterday. And the total of unique visitors is 109.

Day 6

[05.02.2021] I did not work on my site or shared anything on this day.

Day 7

[06.02.2021][about 1 hour]

Squirrly Affiliate Platform:

On website:

Because Valentines day is around the corner, I want to make at least one article for this occasion. 

I have an older one “25 DIY Origami Valentines Day Perfect to Say I Love You” but it does not bring me the results the Christmas ones do.

What do I do when I start working on a new article?

First of all, I decide on the topic. This time I know it will be Valentine’s day.

Then I go on Google and see what other people have written about the topic. Mostly I look at what models they have included, what headlines they used, and at related searches.

By doing this I can make a list of potential keywords that I will later research to see if they are good for my site and if I can get better ones.

I am writing down my ideas in a notebook. And save the models I would like to try in a bookmarked folder.

After looking at the Google results, I go on Pinterest and then search on Instagram with the help of hashtags and decide what type of models and I want to make.

So I ended up with this list:

Based on this list I will now make a decision on how many articles I would like to make. 

Should I make just one or one for each of the topics I thought of?

I am thinking that I would like one article for the hearts models, one for the envelopes/cards, one for the flowers and maybe the rest should be together?

So that would be 4 articles. I am thinking to have between 10 and 25 models per article.

We will see how many we will actually make.

It’s time to find the exact models I want to make and start working on them.

Overview of documenting my blogging experience

How many hours?

About 5 hours and a half.

Any increase in traffic? [Google Analytics]

Not compared to the previous period. 

Yes, when we compare the same period of time to the previous year. An increase of 215.47% users.

Any increase in clicks? [Google Search Console]

Not compared to the previous period. 

Yes, when we compare the same period of time to the previous year. An increase of about 2000% clicks.

How many keywords on the first page of Google? [SERP by Squirrly]

39 instead of 42 as I had before. So that’s -3. I am not concerned about this as we know, keywords fluctuate.

Total traffic in the affiliate program?

I am not sure if I really started with 60 unique visitors before this experiment, but let assume that. That means that I got an increase of 61 unique visitors. 

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