30 days blogging experiment

30 Days Blogging Experiment – A documentation of my progress

What is this 30 days blogging experiment about?

You might think that I will be posting once a day for 30 days consecutive. 

From my history, I am not good at that. So this is going to be a blogging experiment that will happen for 30 days.

I will try to post between 4 to 12 new posts. I will do keyword research for them, I will optimize them, and track their keywords to see what happens.

I will also share my Squirrly Affiliate link and see if I can make some money as an affiliate.

So basically this experiment is to see how much I can increase my traffic by working more in 30 days and also to see if I can make any money as a Squirrly Affiliate in only 30 days.

What are my current numbers?

30 days blogging experiment

^^^ in the photo above you can see how my Google Search Console looks like for the last 3 months. That big spark is because of my Christmas articles that make wonders for my blog every year. I hope to get something similar for this challenge as I will write some Valentine’s articles.

^^^ in the image above you can see my Google Analytics numbers for the last 3 months. Once again, the “elephant inside the boa constrictor” happened because of the Christmas Articles.

keywords ranking on the first page of google

^^^ in the image above you can see the first part of the awesome Squirrly Weekly Audit you get on email to see how your site is doing.

When will I start this experiment?

This is the first post. I am thinking that I will do an article at the end of each day to say what I did that day, ad what I worked at, maybe even how much it took me, and basically to document everything, in case I want to replicate to be able to remember what I did. 

I am thinking that either today or tomorrow I will write the first origami article and publish it on the blog. 

But today, 30.01.2021 is officially the first day of this 30 days blogging experiment.

That’s it for this intro. See you on the next documentation post.

Cristina Coroiu
I'm a proud Hufflepuff who loves to fold origami models and share them with the world.

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