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Hey guys,

So after a long long time, I finally found the energy to start writing this article, more like a documentation of my hopeful growth.

So I will use Squirrly plugin, the Pro Plan, to help me stay on track and rank higher on google.

Here it is how it looks today 27.01.2019 on google analytics

and let’s see how the traffic looks like from the start:

and let’s see my Squirrly Audit score

so my score it’s pretty bad.

Let’s see what I’m thinking to do. I will try to fix 3 issues from the audit in a week or two. I’m not sure how much time it actually takes to fix those issues.

I will also try to post at least 3 articles a week, as well as sharing them on social media, especially Pinterest.

I have to improve my homepage as well and figure out what I want to do with this site after I rank it. For the moment I’m thinking about google ads, affiliates and my own origami paper patterns printables. And hopefully one day I will have a pack of origami paper made by me. That would be amazing.

See you in a week with updates but not before I choose what I want to work from Squirrly Audit. Here they are:

So I was not able to keep my promise. But they made an update and they have a 14 days challenge. I wonder how it will go. Here is how the data is looking now. This is from the begging of time till now.

Let’s see how much traffic I can get after those 14 days.


In day one you have to choose a focus page you want to rank. my choice is this one: and the keyword for what I will update this article is: origami paper cranes


When I added on the focus pages, it told me it has 30% Chance to Rank and I have to fix 15 issues.

After a bit of modification and finally wrote 1500 words I got a score of 45% chance to rank. My keyword doesn’t have the competition low enough, as it is :

not hard to rank instead of easy or very easy to rank.


So what do I still have to fix?

1: I will not change my keyword, as I do like it, but I can hide the task so I would not be red.

2: I really have to work on reader experience and the time spent on the article, as well as the people who get on the article.

3: The backlinks, with I hope I will learn about them in this 14 days journal (I’m at day 4)

4: Inner linking (This should be done, have to find out why it’s not visible)

5: And the maintain the authority task…not sure how to do it yet.


what you see there is the traffic I got after I did the day o sharing on social media. And then I kinda took a break. That was in 14 Apr. and today is

apr. I want to work on the rest of the articles and maybe create one or 2 more this weekend.


Hey again. Today is 10.08.2019 and I’m gonna try to make the 14 days journey again.

I tried it before, but I never go to the end of it. Because I also have a full-time job, and I got tired when I got home, I also moved out and so the blog ends up at the end of my priorities list.

so Day 1 of 14

To choose my focus page, I will take a look in Google Analytics and Google search console

Google Search Console

So I have to choose between :

according to the views and social media traffic I would choose:

according to organic traffic shown from analytics, I would choose:

According to the page with the most clicks on google, I would choose:

And according to the keyword with the most impressions and clicks, I would choose:

So…what should I do? I would go with two pages. I will try the and the

Let’s put them in focus pages section.


So the Burr Puzzle has fewer elements I have to fix but a lower chance to rank, while the back to school, has more elements to fix but better chance to rank.

Let’s try to fix as many elements as possible.

do you see this? my second page is not even visible on google. Let’s fix that now.

The keyword has the same issues on both pages…we will fix that later.

Because I already tried to do this course/challenge, I know what SEO context means, but I will fix it on that day to show you how.

Now, this is an interesting one, I have to optimize the article 100%, to make the snippet green (how this page is shown on google) and to update the content. My articles are a bit old, like a year old… so that makes sense.

This is a hard one for me.  As my website is more like a portfolio/inspiration lists kinda a site, writing 1500 it’s hard. I will try to make it though.

it looks like the snippet it’s not that bad. I just have to customize it.

those will take some time to fix them. So I have to be patient.

and this is how my audit looks like. It will be interesting to see how this would look like after those 14 days.

having a business account I can see my ranking faster that on google search console. And this how it looks like.


Day 2


Search for keywords:


right now I have back to school crafts

and here are the ones that I decided to go with

and for

right now I have Origami Burr Puzzle and burr puzzle origami

It looks like I can’t find anything better for this one…That’s not very good as my keyword is hard to rank and doesn’t have many searches.

day 3 optimize 100% the articles

day 4

day 5

as you can see in day 3, I did add SEO context keywords to my articles.



Day 6:

Make the Snippet to be ALL Green for your Focus Page, Install Google Analytics and Start Sharing to Social Media

You can also see how my chances of rank improved and how I have less must fix elements


I checked my rankings again. the burr puzzle origami went down a slot, but it’s still on the first page. You can also see how working on your site helps all pages, not just the focus pages. The uvwxyz origami got on the first page as well.

Day 7:

Read your SEO Audit. Start working on improving the score of your Audit.


I’ve taken a mini-break after over the weekend one of my pages got unindexed by google for a reason or another.

Because I haven’t posted anything new on my blog and did not share on social media so well, my audit score is now at 68. I will work on my habits so this will be better and more constant.

day 8

I should also start working on getting backlinks. I really don’t think I will be able to get any in 14 days. But this is an important step for the long haul.


So I took a huge break, today is 14.09.2019

What is important is to never give up, even if you take huge breaks, you should always work towards your dreams. So let’s see how bad I’m doing.


so I’m still on the first page with one of the articles, but the other one is nowhere to be found. That’s ok as well, this mean that I should not continue focusing on that one, for SEO. I  Should not be stubborn just for the sake of it.

I also have some ideas for some new articles, and I think I will try with one of those as well.


and here you can see how much not working it’s influencing your site.

you can see that when I worked on my site my score was 72, and now it’s at 59. so that’s really bad.


so on what I would work on this week?


  1. continue the days for both articles just to see if anything it’s going to change for the second one
  2. try to create at least 3 new articles
  3. Share everything on Pinterest and FB groups
  4. try to see if I can get in some Pinterest groups as well
  5. improve the articles that I have, to make all of them 100% SEO optimized
  6. work with bulk SEO from SQ to make all my snippets green.
  7. maybe improve my homepage

So we should see how those tasks will work. and how everything will be.


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