Documenting my Experience

Week 3 of Documenting my Experience – 30 Days Blogging Experiment

Day 15

[14.02.2021] I did not work at all.

Day 16

[15.02.2021] [about 2 hours]

On website:

On Social Media:

The posts that I scheduled have all been published, so I have to prepare some new ones.

documenting my experience

Most of the posts are from the library of marketing ideas, which you can find in the affiliate dashboard.

All the posts have my affiliate link and are scheduled using Squirrly Social.

Day 17

[today is 08.03.2021]

I haven’t work on my website since 15.02.2021. Today is 08.03.2021.

Sometimes you just get tired or distracted or you just don’t want to be in front of a screen.

I will publish this article today and will continue the experiment until I get today 30. It’s not what I wanted, as I wished to have had 30 consecutive days, but I think having 30 days in total instead of just abandoning the experiment is better.

Conclusions of documenting my experience end of February

How many hours?

About 2 hours. I worked only one day in what was supposed to be week 3. Even though I will publish this article as week 3, it actually has only 3 days (including today, worked)

Any increase in traffic? [Google Analytics]

I am not sure how to do this, as it was not just a week. 

Week 2 finished on 13.02.2021, so I think I will take the timeframe from 13.02.2021-07.03.2021 and I will compared it only with the previous year.

You can see a good improvement compared with the previous year.

I was curious to see how the month of February looked like compared with the previous year. So you can see it above.

Any increase in clicks? [Google Search Console]

I will take the same period of time as for analytics and do just compared with the previous year.

My website gets more traffic every year. This is because of SEO and evergreen articles.

As February ended I thought it would be a good idea to compare this year’s February to the last year’s February.

How many keywords on the first page of Google? [SERP by Squirrly]
Total traffic in the affiliate program?

As you can see,  the traffic continued to grow a bit after I stopped working but then it disappeared.

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