Origami Butterfly (1)

Origami Butterfly Chilling On A Tree

A long long time ago, a friend of mine learned me how to fold this simple, clean looking Origami Butterfly, and ever since then is my favorite way to fold butterflies.

Here it is, folded from a piece of blue square paper, and chilling on a tree.

Origami Butterfly

I really love how those photos turned out. I love to make my photos with natural light, so whenever I have the possibility I do just that. Of course, I have a lot of photos made inside, with artificial light, and I’m starting to get a bit better at that as well.

I really found this Origami Butterfly amazing. Have you folded this model before? Do you want me to make a tutorial for it so you can fold it?
Cristina Coroiu
I'm a proud Hufflepuff who loves to fold origami models and share them with the world.

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