Origami Jumping Frog

Find Out How To Fold An Origami Jumping Frog

Model: Origami Jumping Frog
Video: happypuppytruffles

Paper: Crelando Paper

I haven’t played with paper frogs in a long long time, so I decided it was time to fold some and have some fun.

I love this model because is really easy to make and it really jumps. Unfortunately, I’m not good at filming so I can’t show you how they jump, but trust me, if you are going to fold it, you will have a great time playing with them.

learn how to make origami jumping frogs

Origami Jumping Frog

I also don’t know the designer/author of this model.

If you do, please let me know in the comments section.

The model is really easy to fold, and you can have so much fun afterwards playing with it. It can jump really far.

Here is a video from happypuppytruffles who shows you how it’s made:

learn how to make origami jumping frogs

I used 15cm x 15cm square origami paper that I cut in half, and the final dimension, when pressed down, is about 4.5 cm. 

learn how to make origami jumping frogs

Isn’t Origami Jumping Frog just an adorable model? It’s also great to teach your kids how to fold it and get some minutes of peace while they do some frog racing.

learn how to make origami jumping frog

Let me know in the comments below if you have or want to fold this jumping frog.

Origami Jumping Frog
Cristina Coroiu
I'm a proud Hufflepuff who loves to fold origami models and share them with the world.

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