Sweet Spring Kusudama (1)

Sweet Spring Kusudama Designed By Natalia Romanenko

Sweet Spring Kusudama

Name: Sweet Spring

Designer: Natalia Romanenko

Units: 30+60

Paper: 7×7 cm, 3.5×7 cm

Final height: ~ 12 cm

Assembling: 5 with 3, with glue

To make this beautiful Sweet Spring Kusudama you will need 30 pieces of square paper and 60 pieces of rectangular paper. If you want to have the star in one color or pattern and the middle in another, then you will need 30 and 30 pieces of rectangular paper. 

The modules are not hard to make. They take some time because you have to make 90 in total, but it goes smoothly. The assembly is not that hard either.

The original instruction for Sweet Spring Kusudama is to not use glue when assembling. Mine would not stay together like that. It’s true that my middle layer (the star) has a different weight that the rest of the papers, so that might be the case. I used glue and everything was just fine.

Above I made a diagram for this kusudama. I hope you can understand it. At the end, you just have to put the modules in one in other. I made a gif as well, where you can see how to assemble the modules. 

To assemble the Sweet Spring Kusudama, you just have to go with the 5 and 3 rule. Then, you just have to curl the orange paper in my case and curl up the first star layer, the yellow one for me.

And you are all done.

Cristina Coroiu
I'm a proud Hufflepuff who loves to fold origami models and share them with the world.

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