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Origami Sunflowers Just In Time For Bring Flowers To Someone Day

You know that I like fun, quirky holidays, and today is Bring Flowers To Someone Day! So I had to fold some flowers for this occasion. 

origami sunflowers

Flowers are usually associated with the gesture of showing appreciation, love, to show that you care about the person you are giving the flowers to.

So even if you should not need a special holiday to show those feelings, it’s nice to have a extra motivation to do it.

And yes, we live in some weird times now, and it’s better to stay at home and be safe and keep the social distancing, but that does not mean that there are not some flower delivery that are not still open.

And even if all are closed, you can make some flowers yourself take some photos and send them to your loved ones.

Or make a video call with them and show them to them. I think they would still appreciate and you will be safe from home.

History of Bring Flowers to Someone Day

In Ancient Greece, Rome and China, giving someone flowers was a way to communicate, also known as the language of flowers. The flowers were also used to tell the stories of the gods.

In the mid-1700s, the French and English discover they can use flowers as a way to communicate.

The language of flowers shines in the Victorian Era, when numerous authors started to write books about the meanings of flowers. They were talking about the meaning of colors, shapes and the relations between flowers. However, being multiple authors, the meaning remain up to interpretation.

Origami Sunflowers Just In Time For Bring Flowers To Someone Day

I just love flowers, I’m just not very good at keeping them alive, so folding some beautiful origami flowers seems like the perfect choice for me.

And having an extra excuse to fold something nice is always good. They will also stay fresh for ever and the person you end up giving them to will know that you made them and think about them the time you made them.

So this is my way of celebrating this day.

If you want to make the flowers like a bouquet and not glue them to a card, then you will need to make another flower for the sepal.

You find this tiny Lily of the valley flower in the same book. Same goes for the leafs. 

After you make all the parts, and assemble them, you will have your very own origami sunflowers.

The origami flowers are easy to fold. I made them in three different dimensions.

The smallest one has the pistil made out of a 3.75 cm square, the petals are made out of 1.87 cm squares. The sepal and the leaves are made out of 3.75 cm squares.

The middle flower has the pistil made out of 5 cm square and the petals out of 2.5 cm squares. For the sepal and the leaves I used 5 cm squares.

And for the big flower, for the pistil I used a 7.5 cm square, the petals are from 3.75 cm squares and the sepal and leaves are from 7.5 cm squares.

And this is it. Those are my origami sunflowers. I hope you like them and give this model a try.

Cristina Coroiu
I'm a proud Hufflepuff who loves to fold origami models and share them with the world.

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