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Best 25 Back To School Crafts You Can Easily Make

We are getting close to going back to school. It’s time to buy lots of supplies and locker decoration as well. But not why make some of those yourself? This back to school crafts list is made specially to help you with that. Hope you like it, and craft on.

25 Back To School Crafts

01: DIY Origami Bookmarks by Jo Nakashima

back to school crafts
Those bookmarks are perfect to add a splash of personality to your books.

02: DIY Desk Organizer by The Craft Blog

Keep your stuff in handy with this cool desk organizer.

03: DIY Pencil Case by Cucicucicoo

Pencil case in shape of a pencil.

04: DIY Notebook by The Forest Door

Make your own notebook with an amazing cover.

05: DIY Lunch Box by Crazy Little Projects

Be cool with an awesome handmade lunch box.

06: DIY Fortune Teller Game by Minieco

Have fun on recess with this fortune teller game.

07: DIY Wall Decoration by Paula Punktchen 

Make your dorm wall more interesting with a geometric wall decoration.

08: DIY Paper Apple by Paper Kawaii

Give your favorite teacher an apple that can last forever.

09: DIY Sandwich Pocket by Handmade Charlotte

Keep your sandwich fresh with this sandwich pocket.

10: DIY Pencil Topper by Lia Griffith

What a better way to make your pencil more awesome than pencil toppers?

11: DIY Book Cover by Jane Can Blog

Does your book has a boring cover? Don’t worry, you can make an awesome one.

12: DIY Paper Jumping Frog

learn how to make origami jumping frogs
Are you on recess? Why not have a jumping frog race?

13: DIY Document Folder by Paper Kawaii

With all those papers and art pieces, you could use a document folder to keep them organized.

14: DIY Desk Decoration by Francesco Mancini

Make your desk more interesting with an origami geometrical kusudama.

15: DIY Photo Frame by Gathering Beauty

Keep your best friends or pets photos in those easy to make photo frames.

16: DIY Friendship Bracelet by Purl Soho

Give your besties handmade friendship bracelet.

17: DIY Backpack by Hart + Sew

Make your kid a one in a kind backpack.

18: DIY Pencil Cup by Damask Love

Keep your pencils in a gold foil cup.

19: DIY Clipboards by Lovely Indeed

Have your files in those great clipboards.

20: DIY Tote Bag by Say Yes

Make your own tote bag.

21: DIY Geometric Pinboards by Enthralling Gumption

Keep your important notes on sight with those pinboards.

22: DIY Felt Flowers by Something Turquoise

Instead of buying flowers for your teacher or your crush, why not make them yourself?

23: DIY Locker Decoration by Aww Sam

Get your looker a makeover with those decorations.

24: DIY Earphone Holder by Make It And Love It

Keep your headphones handy with this holder.

25: DIY Emoji Magnets by The Surznick Common Room

Add those cute emoji magnets to your locker.

I hope you liked my selection of back to school crafts. Let me know in the comments what are your favorite crafts. Are you excited to go back to school?

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