25 Easy Origami Christmas Ornaments Perfect For Your Tree

25 Easy Origami Christmas Ornaments Perfect For Your Tree

The second list will be about origami Christmas ornaments you can make for your own Christmas tree or to give it as a gift. 

From when I started to fold I always said I will make my own Christmas ornaments, and have a tree decorated only with them. I did made some one year, but never have I ever had only my decorations in the tree. So this is the year I will do that. 

I will fold the models as well and post them on my Instagram. I just hope I have enough paper.

You can see the Origami Christmas Trees list here. 

And now, let’s start this list.

25 Origami Christmas Ornaments

01: Origami Diamond Ornament Folded by Atelier Fête Unique

origami christmas ornaments

For this model you will need 2 pieces of square paper, some string and needle and if you want some beads. 

02: Origami Diamond Ornament ver. 2 Folded by Jessica Jones

You will need 2 pieces of square paper, some thread and needle, some beads if you want and you will also need some glue.

03: The Spinner Made by Jan Halvarson

For this model you’ll need: 6 x 7.5 cm or 15 cm origami paper squares, some string and needle.

04: Origami Japanese Brocade Folded by Creative Company

To fold this amazing model, that I’m obsessed with, you will need 6 x 10 cm or 15 cm square paper. Some thread and needle as well if you want to be able to hand it.

05: Origami Ball Folded by Ludorn

The paper for this one should have the ratio of 1/3. For ex. half of an A5 paper.

06: Upside Down Origami Folded by Tina Taul

To make this one you will need one piece of square paper, some glue, string and needle.

07: Origami Omega Star Designed By Philip Shen and Folded by Paper Finger Cuts

If you want to make it, you will need 6 pieces of square paper, some thread and needle.

08: Two in One origami Stars Folded by Tina Taul

For this one you will need 6 pieces of square paper and the classic thread and needle.

09: Tissue Star Origami Folded by Lia Griffith

To make it, you will need some square paper and some scissors. 

10: Origami Stars Garland Folded by Pauline Molinari

To make one star you will need one strip of paper with a 1:13 ratio. To make the garland you will need as many stars as you like, some thread and needle.

11: Modular Origami Star Created and Folded by Paper Kawaii

In order to make it, you will need 5 sheets of square paper and some ribbon in order to hang it in your tree.

12: Origami Wreath Folded by Creative Company

You will need eight square pieces of paper and some ribbon. You can also use some glue, but it should stay as it is.

13: Christmas Card Ornament Folded by Cindy deRosier

The materials you will need are: 

  • Christmas card 
  • scissors or paper trimmer
  • craft glue
  • rubber band
  • yarn or ribbon

14: Bascetta Star Kusudama Created by Paolo Bascetta and Folded by Paper Finger Cuts

For this particular one you will need 30 pieces of square paper but there are other types of assembly with less or more pieces.

15: Origami Christmas Cracker Designed and  Folded by Paper Kawaii

To make this cute candy box ornament you will need 2 pieces of A4 paper or Letter paper.

16: Origami Ornament Folded by Naver Blog

For one of this, you need 12 pieces of paper

17: Fluffy Rose Designed by Natalia Romanenko and Folded by Natalie

I just love how this model is looking.To make it, you will need 12 units (pieces of paper) that have 3:5 ration (9 cm x 15 cm).

18: Bouganville Kusudama Created and Folded by Isa Klein

This is another one that I can’t wait to fold it. You will need 12 pieces of square paper in order to make it.

19: Talitha Star Designed by Maria Sinayskaya and Folded by Go Origami

For the one in the image you will need 30 pieces of square paper but there are other types of assembly with less or more pieces.

20: Juliette Designed by Natalia Romanenko and Folded by Natalie

This one will take some time, as it needs lots of modules. 30+20 (7.5 x 7.5 cm, 5 x 5 cm) to be more precise. But I do think it’s worth the time and effort.

21: The Megapolis Kusudama Designed by Valentina Minayeva and Folded by  Judith

This is a complex one. You will need  60 modules, which are folded from paper in the ratio of 3:4 for ex.  7.5 cm x 10 cm.

22: Origami Santa Claus Designed by Yukihiro Matsuno and Folded by iejhcho

This adorable Santa is made from one square paper. The paper should be double sided.

23: Paper Blow Box Lights Folded by Victoria

For one box you will need one square piece of paper. You will also need some simple, slim Christmas lights in order to make the full project.

24: Origami Christmas Lights Designed by Origami Spirit and Folded by LEYLA TORRES

For one single light, you will need a piece of paper at the ration of 1:3. It works best with double sided paper.

25: Origami Snowflake Folded by Alberta Leong

For one snowflake, you will need one piece of paper. It works best with thin paper, or tissue paper so it will have some transparency between the layers.

I hope you enjoyed this Origami Christmas Ornaments list and helped you decide what to fold and hang in your tree.

I really love all those models and cant wait to fold them myself. 

If you decide to fold them and post them on social media, don’t forget to mention the creator if you can. I did my best to find who designed them, not only who folded them.

I’m sure the artist would love to see his or her creation folded by you guys.

Have a magical Christmas!

Origami Christmas Ornaments

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